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The Little Local New Orleans Cookbook: Recipes for Classic Dishes

The Little Local New Orleans Cookbook (Countryman Press) brings the essential flavors of New Orleans to your table. From festive cocktails and finger foods to big celebration fare, you’ll find recipes for Sazerac and Hurricane cocktails, Creole gumbo, jambalaya, blackened redfish, king cake, sweet pralines, and other traditional dishes. Written by regional food expert Stephanie Jane Carter and beautifully illustrated, this little cookbook is the perfect keepsake for the Big Easy.

August 2019 | 5.2 x 7.3 | 80pp | Hardcover

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The A-Z Encyclopedia of Food Controversies and the Law

The most comprehensive work covering food and law, the The A-Z Encyclopedia of Food Controversies and the Law (ABC-Clio) surveys laws related to organics, obesity, and fair trade. It tackles the intersection of law and religious belief, for example with kosher and halal foods, as well as controversies over labeling practices and consumer protection in general. And it looks at the relationship of class to food, exposing poor urban areas that possess few sources of fresh food so that residents are forced to rely on convenience stores and fast food for nutrition. As background, the set also presents a basic history of food-related law to show us how we got where we are.

December 2010 | 7 x 10 | 2 volumes | Hardcover